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The UK Fetish Awards is an initiative created to honour the fetish industry, and to celebrate the many participants that that create original content and products.


How To Take Part:

Anyone who is actively involved in the fetish industry can take part. The only criteria we set, is that you are over 18 years of age, are contributing to the fetish industry and have a passion for what you do!

The awards will span a vast range of categories, from Best Fetish Photographer through to Best Fetish Clothing brand.  All you need to do to take part, is to register your profile on the website and include a detailed description about your product, brand, or if you are a fetish model, about yourself and what you do.

During the run up to the awards, we will promote you to our affiliation of brands and networks, so simply by taking part, you will be seen by a wider audience.  We have previously co-ordinated similar awards, that have helped models and performers launch their career and it has also opened up doors for them in areas that had previously been inaccessible.

We make it our mission to invest in those who take part, and to help you showcase your work and take your career to new heights.

Are you ready to help us celebrate the many realms of fetish in all it’s glory?



Don’t forget to invite all your fans to vote for you and tweet your profile to get more exposure.

Fans can vote daily, so make sure you email your biggest fans so you have a greater chance and help create more publicity to your profile or brand

We also suggest you ask your biggest fans to vote for you daily as the winners will be down to public vote solely.

Those who have the most votes when the competition closes will be announced as the winners at Proud Embankment on Tuesday the 8th November.

Therefore those who interact the most with their fans and work the hardest to promote their brands have a stronger chance of winning.

The star system is simply a fun way to vote, but whether a fan clicks one star or five, it still counts as one vote.


Fans can vote once every 24 hours.

To make this easier for your fans, you can also pin your promotional link to your Twitter so you don’t have to remind your fans every day.

But don’t forget it’s not all about winning. Just by taking part in the UK Fetish Awards will also increase your media profile significantly, and there will be many opportunities to network on the night with film producers, photographers, and the media.

Voting will close on 1st November 2022.Profiles with the highest votes in their category will be revealed at the awards ceremony on Wednesday the 9th November 2022 at our red-carpet event at Proud Embankment.



The Awards

The Awards will take place at Proud Embankment on Wednesday the 9th November 2022.

It is a beautiful venue and we are looking forward to celebrating the fetish industry and all those that take part.

There will be photos on the red carpet at 7pm to begin the night and blow up your social media profiles.

An evening of entertainment with follow, with Riri Images and Zara Du Rose as your fabulous hosts.

When the entertainment draws to a close, the winners will be announced.

Afterwards there is time to mingle, network away, sip a cocktail and enjoy the party!

We look forward to a long and positive working relationship with you!

If you have an additional questions, you can contact us here: UKFetishAwards