2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella

2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella is bringing you dark electronic body music, animalistic, latex clad, fetish live performances. We also create some video work and a lot of pictures wich you can check out at our instagram profile. Our project is pretty versatile, while we do produce and play live music, you can also book us as a performance show or even as bdsm clowns at your local queer circus. We are active since 2015 but it never get's old. We started out in the european goth clubs and fetish partys but also made our transition into galery spaces and even performed at the Freud Museum in Vienna, Austria (yes, we talking THAT Sidmund Freud). We are probably very different from most fetish performer as our team comes from a very mixed background with Pig0 coming from music, Pig1 having a background in fine and performance art and Miss Piggy Bondage comes from Theather, Drag and Performance art. All of this, also transforms in our body of work. Our live shows so far involved needle play, live spankings, creative bdsm and shibari. Mostly dressed in pink latex, we can still show you the sexy dark side. So far we performed in austria, germany, the netherlands, the uk, the czech Republic, our most prominent achievement might be our next performance at Torture Garden London for their Halloween Ball in November.
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