Abby D

I have been on AdultWork (Abby_D) since 2017, and have become very well established on their webcam platform. Known for my ultra professional yet alluring approach to online femdom, I adore what I do. Starting at 19, I have consistently built my brand for the last 3 years with over 840 positive ratings from clients. Keeping femdom classy is my forte and I take great pleasure in the art of manipulation and memorisation. The entire focus of my career has gone into live interaction via Skype and adultwork. I have made the odd clip with other performers but I am extremely picky and will only film with the elite. My brands name and reputation are of the upmost importance to me. I think it's fantastic that the UK fetish awards are giving an opportunity for fetish and femdom cammers to be recognised for their hard work and talent as the site I work off cancelled the best domme category a few years ago. It is imperative that we feel valued in this industry.
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