Alénee Aisha

My name is Alénee Aisha and I'm a full time, professional performer. You may recognise me from Pyrohex or as the "girl in the jar" in the Circus of Horrors! Now where do I start.. So I've been performing traditional circus, freak show, fire, contortion and fetish based performances for almost ten years now. My career began in Berlin around 2010 where I started my love for fetish and freak show performing regularly at club KitKat and Area 51. I'm also a graduate of Aircraft circus class of 2014. Over the years I gravitated more towards fetish performance, I love to see the reaction from the crowd when the flaming (yes, flaming) needles are removed from my skin and they realise there was no trickery to those live piercings (or the split tongue I lick the blood from my arms with). I love to watch them question how I pour copious amounts of wax over my naked body and tongue(s) (or someone else's ;) ). To see their faces when they can't figure out how a 5'7" round bottomed and breasted woman squeezes out of a tiny jar when I perform as the "girl in the jar" for the Circus of Horrors. Watch their faces change when they pull the objects out of my skin that I've stapled to myself and they realise - it's all 100% real!! I don't always perform solo though.. I often perform duo, trio, group shows where there's plenty of kink going on.. I also perform with my snakes, my act is named "The Temptress". This act involves a titillating snake dance, a lovely volunteer to wrap my snake around their neck while I strip for them, give them a hot-as-hell lap dance and end with a full body wax pour - including pouring the wax in my mouth. ((Disclaimer: I always ensure the safety of my snakes and pre-plan my volunteer to first of all gain their consent and make sure they know how to handle my snake.. so if you booked me to perform.. you might end up being my "victim"..)) My work has taken me all over the world! As previously mentioned, I've travelled and toured with groups such as Pyrohex and infamous Circus of Horrors (BGT 2011 finalists), performed on stage with bands such as Wednesday 13.. there's too many to list here! I'm a regular at global tattoo conventions and London show clubs such as Cirque le Soir (usually on fetish Fridays and/or circus Saturdays). You may have also seen me perform my live piercing and wax duo at Torture Garden, or seen me as needle nurse during a group full body suspension and blood show at a previous TG event. I also model latex and have done many collaborations with companies such as House of Harlot and Dark Virtue Designs. I am also co-organizer and creative director for Front Magazine! I'm sure if you're unfamiliar with my work, once you check it out - you'll understand exactly why you should be voting for me. Alenne :) xx
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