Ash Wild Creations

I’m Ash; I design and handcraft vegan harnesses, collars, leashes... and honestly who knows what else in the future! In the time since I started selling as Ash Wild Creations (my background is/was in costuming and performance) you may have run into me online, at Queer Fayre, or at the recent Le Boutique Bazaar Dirty Valentine event at the beginning of February. My brand - like me - is unabashedly queer, and I think of it as very much ‘by and for’ the LGBTQIA+ community/s (tho of course everyone else is extremely welcome!). I have a unique, bold aesthetic - which I embrace and lean into - and offer bright whimsical colours and interesting visual textures as well as the time-honoured dark ‘n’ sleazy classics. All my gear is well-constructed, *very* pretty, and strong where it counts, regardless of cost. And while many of my products are definitely luxury items, I also make sure I design a decent amount of my gear with accessible pricing in mind.
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