Beatrix Carlotta

Beatrix Carlotta is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, performer, writer and producer who works in cabaret, fetish, performance art and theatre. She has been the resident writer and performance artist for the femdom event Club Pedestal for 10 years, as well as performing and writing for various cabaret and fetish shows throughout London. She's the writer, director and producer of Fetish Theatre, the dramatically voyeuristic stage production exploring the innate theatricality of fetishism, roleplay, relationships and kink identity. Fetish Theatre has produced narrative plays about life style fetishism in various art galleries and theatres throughout London, been commissioned to produce plays for large scale fetish art events such as House of Noir, has been featured as part of London Fetish Weekend 3 years and counting, and now prepares to be featured in the Camden Fringe Festival 2020.
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