Bettie Bathory

I am a newcomer to modelling and find it a passion. I am personally interested in bdsm community and have really enjoyed any shoots where I have got to have more of a Fetish style. I had a recent group shoot at a swingers club where I got the best images in the dungeon and this shows where I am most comfortable. I am versatile, friendly, bubbly, can work with anyone, have a curvy figure that looks great in latex and pvc, I have a heels addiction but also enjoy showcasing my bare feet, I am heavily tattooed and pierced which looks fabulous on photos. I am 36 and I feel this gives me the edge of maturity and I have am very accepting of others. I’m more of a submissive and this shows in my shots of being bound, tied etc although I have recently done a dominatrix shoot and found I enjoyed this a lot.
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