Celestial Studios

Celestial Studios is a huge fetish facility in Derbyshire, East Midlands owned by Goddess Vivienne l'Amour. Celestial Studios first came onto My radar around 7 years ago when I was fishing on the river Trent one afternoon with one of My sissy sluts. I have had several 2 room set ups previously, dungeon and medical, usually in My home or an outbuilding on My land, but I was becoming restless. I looked across the River Trent at this big, old, run-down building with bars on the windows. I vowed to one day have a place like that and turn it into a premium fetish hideaway. Well, I went onto RightMove, and there she was. No circuit boards, sockets, lighting, no water supply or wastage, a blank shell, damp, dark and... well, I was sold! Myself and My boys have built Celestial Studios from the ground up. Thousands of hours, constructing hundreds of metres of studding, plasterboard, wiring, flooring, plumbing, decorating and then furnishing has been our sole venture for the past 6 years. We are at a stage now where I have a spacious, quirky and extensively well equipped playspace, and we have some other incredible "House Dommes" and "Visiting Dommes" at the studio, who will happily take you in hand when I am busy or touring. We share an ethos of love, gynarchy and strength that will leave you quivering. At Celestial Studios, each set has its own vibe, which reflects a fetish that I love. I am greedy and broad in My thirsts and tastes. There is a real plethora of goodies and many liken it to an Aladdin's cave in its gold and exciting, opulent feel. We host parties, workshops, sessions and hire the space out to fellow Kinksters, Riggers, kinky couples, photographers and videographers etc... Visiting kinksters return again and again to revel in Our ever increasing success. We currently have 12 sets including an impressive Suspension Suite, two Medical Rooms, Schoolroom and a Medieval Torture Square. We have plans to build a padded cell, floor to ceiling rubber very soon! You can take a 3d tour at https://celestialstudios.co.uk/3d-guide/
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