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We are a gay married couple from opposite sides of the world and with a moderate age difference, Daenor 62 from Australia and Todd 26 from Sheffield, UK. We met eight years ago and have been married 5 of those years and have had the company Cheekyurban for around six. We now live in France and work out of our shed making bondage pillories, Paddles, floggers, tickle stocks, rubber and leather restraints, harness, collars and also design bondage beds and furniture from scaffolding and reclaimed timber. We try to use reclaimed timber in pine and oak and are conscious of the different facets of the industry. We offer vegan reinforced rubber for customers as well as high quality leather locally sourced in France. We offer made to measure, made to design and work with our customers very closely to achieve very high quality items for them and to add to our item list. The amount of detail and communication we put into our business has lead to a five star rating with the Etsy site we sell from for as long as we have had the business. Having this all in mind we believe that we stand a good chance at winning an award at this year's event. We appreciate your time and effort and wish every kinkster good luck in the categories. Thank you Daenor and Todd
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