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Cheffie Shot, fulltime adult/fetish actor/producer/director. I've act in a lot of fetish movies and produced around the 30 fetish movies. I love to shoot non scripted fetish movies, with models who are having a fetish/bdsm style in normal life. Only than is it possible to get the best results. I love to act in Femdom movies, where the female have that power that she really humiliate me. Humiliation with her voice and no mercy. I really enjoy to get anal trained, i took me years to be there where i am as i speak. Just a few weeks ago i did my first full anal fisting scene. I can take the best shots as a producers as i know what people wanna see as it's our own lifestyle. I've shot various of fetishes like femdom, bdsm, pissing, cfnm, foot fetish, double fisting movies and lot's more! I've worked with some awesome award winning mistresses/domina's like Melody Pleasure, KazB and Pandora but also with some girls and guys who are really enjoying the scene! Thank you for working with me, without you i cant produce that movies what i want to!
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