Countess Diamond

Countess Diamond is a professional Dominatrix, Mistress and key holder from Bristol, UK. Her style is far from the traditional notion of a Dominatrix, “I’m not a stern Mistress dressed top to toe in leather, I smile, I tease, I’m playful, but it’s like playing with fire.” Becoming a dominatrix was not a first career choice for The Countess, whose initial interests lay within the arts. “It began like any other job does: You plan life to be upon one route and of course it ends up going in an entire different direction.” A quality that sets Countess Diamond apart is that she designs her work to empower her fans not simply to demean them as “submissive.” “I’m a feminist. I believe that men, women and non-binary people are all entirely equal. There is no one on this planet who has more of a divine right than every other single person,” she says. “There are lots of people who, perhaps, approach me and see me as a sexual object. And they go, “Mistress, I want to be lowly and pathetic for you!” And I’m just like, ‘I just can't. I don’t see you as that. You have this beautiful life. The fact that you’re alive is wonderful. And the fact that you have the spare income to spend it on someone such as myself, let’s celebrate that! What are you into? Let’s explore your mind a little bit.’” She says that she intends her work to be “empowering to everybody involved.” In the case of fans whose “consensual interests” run toward “humiliation.” In those cases, she says, “I’ll go on that journey with them. That’s fine. But I’m not a man-hater at all. No way.” Nonetheless, Diamond says that she sometimes finds herself wondering “where the blend between persona and reality really lies. I don’t feel that any strong and empowered woman should belittle, or ridicule, or essentially take from someone just because of their gender assigned at birth.”
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