Diana Von Rigg

VOTED BEST UK CONTENT PRODUCER 2022 VOTED TOP 5 BEST UK SISSY MISTRESS VOTED TOP 10 BEST UK MISTRESS -- Professional Mistress UK Awards 2022 I take great pride in My natural Dominance and pleasure in My natural ability to make even the most ego driven male submit to My sensual sadism! I'm an authentic, sensually strict British Mistress whose sadism holds no bounds when it comes to unsuspecting males. I indulge heavily in film production and content creation, and also relishing in frequent European tours ensuring I get My claws into all subs far and wide. Having a beautiful, Dominant Woman control and overpower your body physically is one thing... but when I do that to your mind, you'll experience a sub-space like no other. I have extensive experience as a BDSM Practitioner with nearly 6 years professional experience under My belt and nearly 10 years lifestyle experience, I'm a trained body piercer as well as a trained Dominatrix, I have extensive knowledge in many fields that I've gained over My lifetime which I implement in My sessions consistently. I enjoy and regularly play with both seasoned subs and complete beginners, so no request, thought or fantasy is too silly and I always guarantee a confidential, judgement free environment when you’re in my hands. I pride myself on my enthusiasm, knowledge and true burning passion for all things FemDom.
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