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E-Stim Systems was created back in 2004, and has been well known within the Fetish/BDSM worlds. Rather than a company that just shifts boxes off a shelf, we pride ourselves on being part of the community. Our ideas and creations comes from our customers and ourselves - we play with our own toys, so our advice is based on real experience. We have several firsts - the First Remote with a motion sensor, the First Dedicated Audio E-Stim unit, the first unit to offer internet based control, and we are still the only E-Stim company to offer a lifetime guarantee on a number of our products., all this and we manufacture here in the UK. We continue to innovate, winning several awards in the process. In early 2022 our Sales Director Kay came out as Transgender, for whom we are immensely proud of her, and she continues to help us strive to be the best at what we do.
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