Electra Edward

I am a multi talented individual who is a model, performer, photographer, creative artist and generally has my fingers in several pies! Hence I describe myself as gender bending slut of all trades! I have been modelling for over 7 years, in which time I have worked with a multitude creative artists, models, photographers and designers. My have come from the performance background, my skills in performance include being trained in contemporary/ballet dance and artistic gymnastics. Through modelling I was introduced to the fetish scene and this opened my eyes to world I had only fantasised about. Amazingly enough my first experience at a fetish club involved me performing at Antichrist! I have taught workshops, worked in sex/fetish shops, have been the dungeon monitor/master/switch at clubs, fetish/adult modelling, catwalks and have taken part in filming for TV broadcast such as BBC, HBO, Channel 4 and as a stunt double. I consider myself very intelligent, emotionally advanced and very observant, I know how to use my body, equipment and toys to their maximal potential. I may be young but my age is irrelevant as this is my domain, my passion, my life. I have a massive latex fetish. I find the material super sexy and unique, the smell, the feel, the shininess. I have been developing my own company (Electraphy) for which I produce fetish toys and this is becoming quite successful which is mostly due to the uniqueness and quality of my creations. On top of this I am a pro-switch which I find to thoroughly enjoy due to the variety of clientele that I see and help them explore their fantasies and sexualities.
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