Elena Black

I have been modelling for about a year and a half and I am also a neo burlesque/gorelesque performer. I always have been a latex enthusiast: I love how versatile this material is and how it can be moulded to become an intricate piece of costume or clothing as well as playing simple and getting to the shelf as clothes for all the occasions. It fits different fashion styles, different bodies, different shapes. I love the feel on the skin, the shiny finish and even the smell! I am lucky enough to have worked with high end professionals such as Frank Kinsella and throughout the year into the alternative modelling I am happy to say that I have come to get in touch and build relationships with lots of people from the latex and fet scene too. I love how supportive and protective we are towards each other and I’ve never felt more at home. Since I was young I’ve dreamed of getting to model unique and fierce latex outfits. Thanks to those I’ve always felt at my best, confident self and - being a chonky gal - I’d hope to inspire people that are not so sure like I was when I first started. With both my modelling and performances I also work towards trying to normalise latex as a ‘normal’ attire. The kinky traits is there and we all know that, but I believe latex can be much more. I promote shoots and I try to take part of events where latex is worn in public too and I also try to style it with conventional items of clothing whenever it’s possible. As a (super newbie) latex model I think my biggest achievements were the covers I got in Darkside magazine and Magnifiqué magazine as well as my publications in DominateMe Magazine and Hellfire club magazine. As a performer, one of my most requested acts is Religion makes me gag: The journey of a (latex) nun of rediscovery and un-holy communion reached through ecstatic penitence and hot wax blessings. I am also working on two acts, one more comedic, the other gory, in which I will also wear latex outfits. I hope they will be received as well as my current one! Perhaps I’ve been talking too much, so I’ll better stop haha Thank you so much for this opportunity and I can’t wait to be at Proud in November!
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