Eryn Rose

Eryn Rose has been in the UK scene for well over a decade now, and has been a professional fetish model and adult performer for the last 6 years. Eryn often describes their own personal brand as Queer Wholesome BDSM: emphasising fun, consent, and clear communication whilst still enjoying 'extreme' play. In the last year Eryn has joyfully returned to live performance across the UK, even performing at this year's ErotikAfton in Sweden, and is becoming more involved in teaching about rope, and kink more generally, in person and online. They also produce their own films, custom films, and run a fan site with daily updates. Eryn is kinky to the core and especially interested in bondage, sadomasochism and power exchange, in the many forms those can take. Eryn is agender and uses they/them and it/its pronouns. Visit for more.
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