It is usually very difficult for me to describe myself in words, I like to use my art and craft for that. I think my longtime slaves are better able to justify why I am their mistress and queen, why I am their best and why I should win the award. Whereby its profit, no matter which goddess it is awarded, is a profit for all strong women in BDSM and this event weighs such a great added value of the BDSM world and its acceptance in human society worldwide. This is also the main reason for my first participation in such an award/event. I would like to increase my reach and give more women the courage to stand up for their femininity and its power and to increase it. I have already been able to do this in recent years in my work as a mistress and sub trainer in BDSM, an author for the largest sex shop magazine in Switzerland and as a long-time mistress in my own harem. Ultimately through cohesion and community. I wish each of the participating queens the victory, myself included, and am happy to be there for the big picture: the freedom and self-determination of women!
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