Goddess Vivienne l’Amour

Domintrix, Kink Mentor, Producer, Model and Studio Owner. I revel in all things luxury and extravagance. I have led a rather extraordinary life. I embody the finer things in this world. I possess stimulating conversation and, of course, a devious, highly sexed mind and a fabulous playspace that I have lovingly crafted. I am a BDSM specialist, a pioneer in the realm of kink and a hedonist of the naughtiest order. When One thinks of a Dominatrix, visions are conjured of Cleopatra, Lucrezia, Joan Of Arc and Amazonian Queens. I take inspiration for My sessions from Dominant matriarchs throughout the ages, but particularly favour Roman decadence, ostentatious scenes and religious satire. I can recreate the crucifixion, scourging at the pillory, as well as medieval and modern psycho torture in the interrogation cell. My preference is for a session that feels as if it is from another age; an experience that you will take to the grave. I have high expectations for all that I create and direct. I have spent several years ascending to more opulent and all emcompassing fetish facilities, fetish aesthetic and overall scene impact, both emotional and physical. I am able to draw from many memories and personal experiences, as well as popular historical culture to offer a Domme/Sub BDSM relationship that transcends space and time. Reaction is everything. I am an established sadist, who possesses complete empathy, and can therefore derive immense pleasure from your reactions to My choices and precious gifts to you. Having been a conductor to some archaic corporal punishment scenes in Europe and USA, I have extensive experience in the hundreds of ways to make you suffer for My genuine pleasure. I have spent the past decade honing my skill set and growing into the person I am today. I feel fully fledged. I have earned my crown, my wings and my castle; I can create such beautiful darkness. I am alluring in a unique way where I claw beneath your skin. I have an unparalleled strength of character, which has risk and reward attached. I embody an enwisened soul, and can be wholly trusted to take you to that headspace, that specific fantasy that has been swimming around in your head for years. I feel that my skill set and my studio can provide whatever I desire, and that has a tendency to involve all sorts of weird, wonderful and truly naughty things.
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