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heyyy so my cam alias is Lola and has been for little over a year since joining Fairycambabes. This past year is where I got the support I needed to really come into my own as a webcam performer. They been given the tools I needed to find my persona and transform from an unmotivated camgirl following poor advice (pre FCB) into a confident and bratty sub switch. Ive built solid foundation of regulars over this past year that love how I work and tease them whilst exploring their fantasies and kinks. I learned that my persona allows me to be cheeky and playful during my calls. Which I feel translates with the 136 positive feedbacks ive gained over this past year despite bouts of inactivity for personal reasons. Equally as important I also have built the self assurance to turn away clients that expect more for less than what I deserve or that want different things than I wish to provide. I have learned my cam vibe and this means that when I'm asked if I enjoy my job I can honestly say yes. A final achievement and highlight would be gaining the trust and respect at FCB to be made a brand ambassador joining a handful of the other fairies that are on hand to support and guide any of the others that need support. Whilst I've had personal dilemmas and a busy vanilla schedule they continue to support me and I look forward to dedicating more time to give back as I come out of those struggles
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