Kage is Manchester's* chance to get together at the end of every month and let go for a Sunday afternoon of the kinkiest delights you can come up with. What do you want to do? We have space for you! Make use of our dungeon, watch the shenanigans through a glass floor or a 1-way mirror, get lost in our maze or make your way through it to the orgy room, have some private intimate time in one of our private rooms, or just relax in our amazing wet area with pool, hot tub and sauna. Or do all of them! We aim to be body positive, sex positive, and kink positive. If you're not sure you can do something at Kage, just ask one of us and if we can find a way to say yes, we will. We're not here to impose a 'correct' way of being kinky, rather to give you a space to express yourself in a way that you will enjoy. If it might harm others, damage the venue, or break someone's consent, we will step in, but otherwise we're here for you, not the other way round. It's spelt with a K because we can. It's not wrong, it's different, and we apply that thinking to our guests too. *Non-Mancunians also welcome, no passport required.
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