Killer Heels Photography

KHP is about a certain style, a recognisable look, an amazing and memorable experience. Specialising in fetish, alternative and outrageous concepts, we will always work to a very professional level, as we only create great imagery when all of the team contribute, be it for a model portfolio, commercial client or pet project. For us; photography is a way to get the ideas from the imagination and into a format that others can view, but we're always looking for the next idea. And the more corrupt, the more fun. Being a little twisted works. Magazines that have featured KHP work on their covers, feature spreads and interviews; Advanced Photographer, Alternative Publications, Antibody, BeDeMeSe, Fet-Erotica, FIXe, Latex Deluxe, LTX, MyStache, N-Photo, Retribution, Skin, Skin Shots, SOPOR, Surreal Beauty, Tattooland, The Cats Meow, Twisted, Twisted Edge & Twisted Latex. Earlier this month we had our 50th magazine cover but we have never won an award. It would be WONDERFUL to rectify this and be considered the best Fetish Photographer in the UK.
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