Latina Mistress Alexia

I’m Mistress Alexia, I live in London now, but I hail from Colombia; “I am a woman with a purpose” I am a woman with a purpose, I believe that the submissive is more than just that label, he is a person who seeks a hand to help him make a change in his life; I help him discover other paths, other worlds, other goals. Everyone is different and each has their own goals. I have built my reputation over many years in London, Madrid and many other cities around the world. I am internationally renown and respected for my skill as a Dominant, the contribution I make to the scene and the way I control and nurture my slaves to be the best they have ever been. Though I specialise in my areas of kink, I am unquestionably known for my significant collection of stunning boots. I am the boot queen, always seen in a pair of stunning high heel boots. My followers around the world love to see my perfect feet encased in stunning boots. As a premier Mistress I invite you to support me and vote for me in this award and provide me the recognition I deserve for the many years of work I have invested in developing my art.
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