Lauren Seren

Hello, I'm Lauren Seren, and I am the chunk but funky, choreographer, dancer and model, with sass that won't sit flat on a page. Not only am I a performer but I choreograph show stopping catwalk shows and perform for the brand Amentium. I have choreographed and performed at events such as Passion in Hamburg, German Fetish Ball, London Fetish Weekend and Prague Fetish week. My work involves models of every shape, size, age, sex and gender, and you can guarantee a show stop display of erotic moments, jaw dropping lifts and so much sass! (and that's just me). As a bigger girl I feel its important for someone like me to be in the spotlight showing that fetish isn't just for your standardly beautiful woman, after all I can out perform any of them. I feel most confident when I'm on stage dancing, and my performances receive a lot of praise. Then when I tell them I choreographed the entire show people are usually quite blown away. It would mean so much to me to be considered for this award not only for myself and the hard work I put into every stage show, but for the diversity of women showcased within the fetish scene. Let's break down some barriers and get some good chunky gal representation out there!
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