I have been a mistress for 15 years and over the years I’ve been off I’ll a lot and In 2017 I went back to dominatrix work (after fully recovering ) and with in 2 years I have become the UKs best and most sort after leather dominatrix working with mistress all over uk and Europe. I have clients visit me from all over the world to see me in my tight black leather and serve me . I work very hard at what I do and I’ve worked extra hard the past 3 years . Doing tv documentaries and newspaper and magazine articles and filming with lots of new bdsm film makers and what makes me more unusual mistress is that I’m a strict non sexual mistress with a massive client base and against all the odds that’s everyone said it’s not possible to be a fetish mistress that allows no sexual element and I have proved every wrong . Showing that true fetishists are not all about sex bringing the bdsm community lots of wonderful content none of yet I’ve ever sold as I give all my content away on social media free as a thank you to my followers ( but of coz they always ask to buy my longer clips but I’ve never got around to doing it ). But I’m happy to give it away a my fans love it .
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