My name is LuLu and I’m an adventurous kinkster who likes to pup out, create fun and unique outfits and meet others with similar interests. I have a full host of experience from being a submissive and a dominant and I love to help others push themselves in the fetish scene and beyond. I have a passion for putting together kink outfits and my biggest love is latex. I love being a pup and helping others explore their pup side. I feel so proud to be a pup and I want to bring more people into the community and educate others on why kink play is so amazing because it’s something to be proud of, not to hide away. I have been doing kink play for over 3 years now and I’m just as passionate now as I was when I first started. My favourite thing I’ve ever done was my fetish shoot as I got to show everyone what you can do when you add multiple gear pieces together to create one amazing outfit. The whole photo session put me on the map and gets me recognised at events all the time which makes me so proud.
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