Master Peter

As that rare thing, a male Pro Dom, I've spent the last 8 years carving out a place in London and our community as someone who is known for utmost professionalism with clients, and creates safer spaces at fetish events. In my private practice, I work with women and couples to deliver memorable BDSM sessions and coaching, and my clients always return. I specialise in cathartic impact play and sensation play, and love nothing more than introducing the dark arts of BDSM to new players and eager couples. But the thing I'm most proud of the work in the broader scene to lift standards, educate, and foster safe play environments. I run the dungeon team at Klub Verboten, am house Dominant for DVS, From the Flames, Playgrind, Klassy, ACI, and monitor for Rabbithole. I run workshops, from my ubiquitous "A Gentle Intro to Kink & BDSM" to my Masterclasses (ahem!) in everything from "Power Tools - drills and skills for entering power dynamics" to Consent workshops. I mentor and train Dominants, and am a proud kink dad to several newcomer Dom(mes) on the scene. In 2020, the thing I'm most excited about is My new PlaySafe initiative. This is high quality training aimed at people who monitor fetish party play spaces, and seeks to create an quality bar for great DMs/monitors with the right skills to make our scene events as safe as they can be. This has launched in February with 5 different events/parties already signed up to have staff trained! The UK Fetish awards is an opportunity for good work and great contribution to be recognised. Do I deserve to win next to these powerful and exceptional women? Thankfully not my call! But I'm grateful for the opportunity to lay out the stall of what I think a ProDom can accomplish given both will and skill! Thanks
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