Miss Catriona LeBeau

Having been an amateur fetishist first, then a professional dominant for many years now. I have been adding my mental ponderings to my website as regular blog posts. Some are advice, some discussing my range of sessions. But all are meant to be thought provoking. Not just hormone provoking. I think so much of the bdsm world is loaded with humour that I always thread it through my written work, as well as my real time sessions. I have received praise and encouragement from my peers. I make sure people look beyond my images. And see how committed I am to the mental journey not just the physical. I will always want people to question their kinks, and explore more. With safety as a priority. Communication is everything in our world. And I am a huge advocate for this. We must collaborate, have difficult conversations to grow. I hope my blogs help others, that cant find the right words to get close to the right answers.
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