Miss Hunter

My skills as one of the UK's top Disciplinarians have been built upon over 15 years of personal experience, and I have honed them over this time to become a very firm - but usually fair - domme, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction. I aim to subtly infiltrate barriers, and overpower willing victims both physically and psychologically. If you are looking for a mechanical, "one size fits all" dominatrix or Disciplinarian experience, you are in the wrong place: I am sharp, intelligent, and unerringly efficient. Add my quick wit and zany humour, and it creates quite an impact. Corporal Punishment is my background, and is also my speciality - long referred to as one of the hardest hand spankers in the UK, I am renowned for my skill and accuracy with implements - but I also have a fondness and revered reputation for imaginative role play and finding new ways of making my inner sadist smile.
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