Miss Kitty

Firstly, I'm a lifestyle Mistress and kinky fetishist at my core. I have been living and breathing kink since My early teens and have been operating professionally for 12 years now. I enjoy engaging with those who identify as submissive because it validates the natural Superior Female in Me. As a young girl I always knew I was ‘on a different wavelength’ to most, perhaps you have felt this too at some stage in your life? ​ It wasn’t until I came across FemDom that I became aware of my natural skill and enthusiasm for humiliating, tormenting and frustrating submissives with my Dominant games. As a kinky individual Myself, I think it’s important to mention that My interests extend far beyond power exchange and into the realms of unusual and niche fetish too. ​ In addition, I also enjoy giving back to the kink community by co-hosting the 'Bitches UnleaSHEd' FemDom events, creating one-to-one workshops for aspiring deviants and defending sexual freedom where possible! Why should I win? I think 'best dominarix' is subjective. I try to empower other females always and set a good example as a professional dominant but if nothing else I see my experience, passion and dedication as a damn good reason to WIN!
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