Miss Tish Ewe

Miss Tish Ewe is an international queen working the UK scene and abroad. Whilst in UK Miss Tish Ewe can be found an major lgbt+ venues across Brighton, London, Manchester, Bradford.... Great Yarmouth! Her claim to fame is hitting national Media headlines (Sun/DailyMail/numerous others including prime time tv news) because... wait for it... she has a day job! scandal!! Miss Tish Ewe is a filthy bitch, they don't call her the bitch with an itch for no reason! She has every man weak at the knees... or at least she kneecaps them so they can't run away! Miss Tish Ewe should win because as well as being the most glamorous, she is also the dirtiest filthiest newest act on the scene... perfect for the fetish awards where she would make her presence felt! Free spanking anyone?
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