Missy Miss Pants

I’m Missy Miss pants a Yorkshire kinky chick. I love latex, shiny clothes, very high shoes and getting shiny and wet. I started my Instagram page in July 2018, now I have over 100,000 followers! I started my page to show everyone my love for shiny clothes and to help build my confidence. Now I can’t get enough of latex. I have so much latex, sexy pvc outfits and amazing pleaser heels and boots. I have done two photo shoots with Mark Jolly. Which I really enjoyed. Wearing latex makes me feel so sexy, confident and I love that people look at me in it. After around 5 years since getting my my first latex underwear set, I now feel so much more confident about myself, wearing what I want too, not caring about the haters, and loving the attention from my kinky followers. I would love to Win to boost my confidence and show my love of latex is loved by other people too.
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