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Mistress Absolute (Max) Max Absolute is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix with over 20 years of experience as a professional Dominatrix. She is well known and revered worldwide for her skills as Mistress Absolute the Dominatrix, performer, promoter, educator & Kink Ambassador. Having run one of the largest monthly fetish clubs in the UK 'Club Subversion' for 15 years she now concentrates on running one of the world’s biggest fetish weekends; 'The London Fetish Weekend', which is now in its thirteenth year, and runs the Femdom focused 'Club Femdom', new play club 'Absolute Mischief' and runs 'Arch Nemesis' Dungeon. When an occasion arises she gets involved in various other UK and international events including helping to run a kinky travel company who organise parties and holidays for international travel 'Domme Trips' and occasionally performing at fetish events around the world. She has appeared in many TV programmes including documentaries for BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4, & Sky, has been featured in magazines & newspapers including Loaded, Skin Two, Time Out & The Evening Standard. She has spoken at The Wellcome Trust and even been a guest on Womens Hour. She has been immortalised in the book ‘The History & Arts of The Dominatrix’ as a featured contemporary iconic Dominatrix and has an extensive archive of her work in the Bishopsgate Institute. Kink education is also big part of her portfolio having had 12 years teaching groups and individual patrons at the high-end erotic boutique, Coco de Mer. More recently her focus has been on bespoke private classes and tutorial sessions for couples or individuals wanting to know more about the fetish scene and BDSM. She is also the author of the instructional kink book 'Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination'. Mistress Max Absolute has been awarded several awards including a London Alternative Market ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2015 and the 2016 and 2017 Top Domme award; voted for by the London Fetish community plus she was awarded a place in BDSM hall of Fame in LA in 2017. Most recently, after the death of the dungeon furniture supplier Dave Playpenz in Dec 2019, she has been maintaining his legacy by supplying some of the kink scenes clubs’ nights with refurbished and renovated ‘Kinky Kit’. She finished her Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 2010 and started researching her PhD in Jan 2011 but unfortunately had to postpone finishing it after two years. Her PhD thesis was set to examine the history of Chastity and Cuckolding alongside the social and psychological aspect of the subject matter in today’s society. The psychological aspect plays a very important role in her studies and teaching and there are plans to publish some of the vast research collected during the two years of study. As a kink ambassador she is dedicated to demystifying, and normalising practices that have historically be demonised and pathologised, simply because they are considered or categorised as non-normative sexual responses. She also likes to make sure (by leading by example) that no one forgets this serious business of kink is supposed to be fun…….
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