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I am based in Manchester Mistress Allanna is Confident, Classy and well educated and with a strong desire for perfection.l genuinely love what l do and l do it very well.l take pride in my appearance’s, manicured red nails, elegant make-up and the ideal outfit for the occasion. Demanding & strict yet sensual and seductive. Most would say l am a snob, elegant yet kinky with a twisted dark side. I carry myself like a lady.But at times can whisper the naughtiest of things to you as well as use strong commands that will bring you to your knees. I am based in Manchester in a stunning dungeon. My best achievement is living the life l have. I broke my neck 6 years ago and was in ICU and had plates in my neck along with a Halo through my skull, my family were called as they were told l wasn't going to make it..but proved them wrong . l couldn't walk so was confined to a wheelchair... but months of physio, family friends and inner strength l got through it.. it wasn't easy and l had good and bad days.. but now lm walking and live to tell the tale. I truly have always had a passion to become a professional dominatrix and with amazing training and my inner self .. l now enjoy my life with the love and passion of the Dominatrix world. I have met so many amazing people along the way and l am loving my journey and couldn't do it without them.
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