Mistress Catriona LeBeau

I am the nicest bitch you could ever meet. I'm a professional Domme that wants to do more than just hurt you. I want to change lives for the better. I am a house dominant at 2 well known Sussex Dungeons. I have been a Guest dominant at Torture Garden and other regional events. My notoriety for cruelty grows year on year on. Slaves and subs have been visiting me for some time now, and keep coming back. Not just for the beauty or brutality. But for the positive impact I can have on their lives. I light up minds while it looks like I am breaking body parts. The power of an amazing dominant, can be transformative. I truly am the thinking man's Domme. Because I want my boys to be better people as a result of our interactions. My session specialities include: Corporal punishment CBT Strapon Electro Breath play Foot worship I play in latex most often, lingerie if the mood takes me. But enjoy a uniform as much as the next girl.
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