Mistress Lagertha

I am The Mistress Lagertha Queen of Evil, a tall confident Dominatrix. Based in the central West Midlands, touring the whole UK and Europe. BDSM is my 24/7 lifestyle as well as my job and love it! I have a fully femdom home complete with a fully furnished dungeon space and fetish equipment. Pain can be mental just as much as physical, whatever your fetishes you can be sure my approach will be tailored to you. I really do enjoy getting into your heads and becoming the conductor of your thoughts, I love to laugh at your predicaments and misfortunes. I started working part time as a Dominatrix back in 2010, changing to full time 6yrs ago. Going full time was the best decision I ever made, life has been so much fun since. I have been on a channel 5 documentary series about BDSM, which one of my sissy clients ‘Gemma’. Where I was able to ensure that the BDSM lifestyle was realistically represented - even if the shows title got sensationalised to attract viewers. And I’m currently filming with them again for another episode in the next season … so keep your eyes peeled for details of what and when you can see it. During lockdowns I did training to become a counsellor, offering a specialism service in alternative lifestyles. Having now helped many of my clients improve areas of their lives. Thanks to the pandemic my 24/7 accommodation experience has become more popular with clients booking in to ‘FemDom Lodgings’ more and more. With a choice in accommodation from degradation confinement outhouses, to caged or restrained indoors, to actual comfort at an extra premium, there’s something for everyone. One to one training for couples has also been very successful of late, especially when the one of them started as a client of mine … means I can teach their new partner everything they need to know to hold the power in their BDSM relationship. And last but not least my most recent contribution to the wider BDSM community, in the form of a demo about kit and equipment hygiene, was welcomed as it’s a topic most don’t think about yet it’s vitally important.
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