Mistress Lagertha

I am not only a professional sessioning Dominatrix, it’s also been my lifestyle for the past 12 years. I’m no stereotype, loved for my unique take on things. Based in the Central West Midlands in my personal chambers. I see underlings in person, chat via phone and cam, film and sell video content, write and sell custom BDSM short story porn, I created the Midlands FemDom event At MY Command, I teach fetish skills one to one, I present specialist demos, and have been a guest host for Bitches Unleashed. Now offering FemDom Lodgings & Board™️ To those wanting to experience 24/7 when life might not otherwise allow it normally for them. I started out in person sessions, one day by helping another professional, as she knew I was capable and I fitted the brief. I haven’t looked back since, even when my personal life fell apart around me, just over a year ago and left me penniless. I have fought my way to independence from a horrid life situation, now in a much better place despite the struggle to keep the happiness I deserve in life.
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