Mistress Nyx

The highly acclaimed Manchester Mistress Nyx, is a leading UK Dominatrix who has recently returned to the scene with a bang, after a 4 year hiatus. She oozes a smouldering classic, refined intelligent aura that exudes a dominance like you've never experienced. She commands authority without even raising her cut glass English voice. An authentic lifestyle Mistress probably best known for her brilliant Psychodrama skills no matter the role (during her psychological play she really will get inside your head!), advanced medical skills, adult babies, maid training, sissies / feminization, creative bondage, full force accurate caning, and her love of the vintage asylum feel juxtaposed with raw atmospheric austere sinister cellar dungeon vibe. This highly skilled and versatile Mistress Mistress truly is one of a kind, an enigma who has that elusive 'X' factor.
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