Morgana Marie

Morgana Marie My approach to the erotic goes beyond dressing in kinky clothes and looking like a kinky princess. My work, art and brand is focused around journeying the dark feminine, rewriting the femme fetale stigma, embracing the shadow side and transcending trauma through conscious kink and erotic embodiment. I found my true self through erotic embodiment, journeying my wild sensuality and claimed my erotic wild soul through my own personal experiences as an erotic art model. Every time I shoot I go on a different journey into the erotic mysteries of the dark feminine and discover and unveil more about myself and the subtle realms of the cosmos. Journeying under the surface is my turn on and I would love to win to spread more awareness around what Ewoking Eros really is and inspire others to go on their unique journey through Femme Fetale Freedom. I won Exhibiting Artist 2022 at Erotic Art Exhibition London with 'EquilibriArt' My work has also been featured in several global publications: Myssfit Magazine Femme Rebelle Magazine 2021 Porhvocateur Magazine Mo2vate Magazine
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