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From an early age my passion has always been Steel, more specifically weapons like swords, daggers, armour and all medieval history. My obsession stared from when I was 10 years old when I was given my first sword, after that I was hooked and wanted to know more about how they were made. When I learned that all weapons from history was forged in fire I started to do my research in this historical art. I quickly turned my after school education to all things steel. Starting with years in collage studying sheet metal, welding, fabricating and machining. During my years before qualifying I built my own forge at home and spent all my time practising. After qualifying I went on to do a blacksmithing course wear my skill only grew over the years. I did a lot of work in railings and spent 10 years forging lots of other vanilla projects, but that wasn't where my passion lay. So I decided to turn my skill to the darker side and to my other passion, which is Fetish and Kink. I combined my two loves of blacksmithing and the BDSM industry and created Muloc Forge which is what you see today. I now spend my time thinking up new ideas that are all inspired by medieval torture and corporal punishment, and my ideas are endless. You can now find Collars and Cuffs, Cages, Dungeon Furniture, Punishment Implements and much more on my website with new things being added on a monthly basis. One of the things that makes Muloc Forge different to other Fetish stores is that I take on Bespoke and Custom ideas. If people have something in mind then I will always try and make their ideas come to life! I have worked on many custom jobs and some you can see today in the store, such as the Metal Dungeon Chair and much much more. As well as taking my hand to metal, I also work with wood and leather and the items you see that are made with or include these materials are also handmade by me. Another thing you can find on Muloc Forge that you may not find on other BDSM stores is my hidden range. I know how hard it can be to want to live the BDSM life at all times which also means at home. So I designed items of play that look innocent in the day but when brought out night are actually a kinky item of fetish fun. Imagine Tea and Scones by day and Tied Down by night on my rustic looking hidden coffee table. One of my biggest challenges yet while being involved in the Bondage industry is creating my Permanent Range. I am always trying to find new ways of pushing the industry darker and so wanted to create cuffs and collars and shackles that would be permanently fitted for life. These are only fitted by me and also can only be removed by being cut off, and so are only for the bravest who love to live the fetish lifestyle 24/7. I feel that I should win the best Adult Toy company because with my toys I am always trying to take them one step further and create something new, more thrilling, and even more kinky! everything I make is fully designed by me and handmade by me in this old fashioned way of blacksmithing.
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