Promethean Dungeon Furniture

Promethean Dungeon Furniture is a brand spanking new custom BDSM furniture maker, designing and building bespoke items tailored to our client's individual needs and specifications. All of our pieces are handmade in Brighton from a range of durable and beautiful hardwoods, using both traditional and modern carpentry techniques. Our design process considers factors such as practicality, safety, discretion, aesthetics, storage, and individuality, bringing these elements together to create unique pieces of furniture tailored to the individual. In just a few short months we have completed several new product designs and commissioned pieces, had our first photoshoot with renowned photographer Fran Kinsella, and started to build our reputation as a supplier of high quality, bespoke BDSM furniture and equipment. We aim to reach out further into the BDSM & fetish community and provide high quality, beautiful pieces of furniture and equipment to kinksters, dungeons, and professionals alike, catering to the simplest or most complex of requirements. Help us to achieve our goal. Vote, like, share and follow our platforms. Prometheus gave fire to Humankind. Keep it burning.
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