Queenie Gold

I’m Queenie Gold. My name is an euonym... I am what it says outside the tin. An ultimate time with one hell of a kick, voluptuous curves and nails that click. A self-confessed lover of deeply dark things, extremely sensual, sometimes even tender to tough… I take them to places of inconceivable love. A look is all that's needed, to know how they tick... with whips, canes and bondage or maybe just spit. But whatever their tipple, wanted or not...once in my dungeon it's blood, sweat and snot. A body to worship and a wardrobe to be seen, there’s always something fabulous worn by this Queen! Rubber and leather, tight to the touch... tassles and zips right under my crutch. I can sing, I can dance, I can tease in a trance, this Queen isn't looking for a sweet romance... Abide by my rules, don't make that mistake and address me as mistress at all times of day I'm never forgotton with the pleasure I pack.. I so know that look, they always come back. Young, old or whatever they chase, one touch from Queenie and they’re in the right place! So until next time when we're drinking fine wine, sat at a table and looking divine, Just remember one thing and all will be fine, your power is lost as it all becomes mine! Sexy NEVER takes a day off...! QG I work with men and women of all walks of life, Im London based, born and bread which is why I should be put on the ped. #winner #Goldenbuzzer I am a Dominatrix of Nonpareil...
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