Raven Stone

I’m a longtime fetish and kinkster just stepping into the exciting world of fetish modelling. At the age of 40 to just be getting into the industry is daunting, especially as there are so many other incredible younger models, but I know I have a very different look and I’m determined to make my mark! I think having been involved in kink and fetish a long time definitely helps in this kind of modelling, to bring an understanding that radiates from an image or an energy that is tangable in person. I’m based in Yorkshire but have travelled to various places to gain experience and exposure. Being involved in this type of contest is exciting just for the experience itself. Meeting others in the industry is always fantastic and the opportunity to network is priceless! To win would be a whole other level but for now, I’m just ecstatic to be involved!
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Voting is now closed! See you in the awards on Wednesday the 16th of November 2022!

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