Hi my name is Alekssandra Ceciliato and organiser of ROMA TRANS CLUB, Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be talking about the party, is been a joyful journey and so proud to get where we are now. I love the nightlife and used to go out every single night and always been a huge adept of Fetish Lifestyle specially Clothes but Roma Club accept everybody the way they are as long as they looks and feels Glamourous. We are a mix of everything a mix of background is the key, Latins, Europeans, Asians, Americans everybody showing their own culture makes a big night The Club Scene is changing a lot lately as any era or decade and I am proud to be part of this change too, We are part of this big world and constantly evolving together. We all have our own Idols and the New generation have their New Idols too, Changes is absolutely necessary. I would love to put in words how to express myself but I will go on and on and on, I just wanna say How happy and blessed i feel to have people trusting me the way they do during the years of ROMA TRANS CLUB I made so many friends and met such a mix background of race, religion, life style, status, a whole spectrum of diversity and the only thing keeps me going is how I appreciate and respect everyone in their own individuo way. Finally the most important thing is to be true to what makes you feel happy, the path in this short life is a long way and BELIEVING YOURSELF is a way good start Alekssandra Ceciliato ROMA TRANS CLUB
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