Slymsford’s Sploshers

Slymsford's Sploshers is living proof of how the fetish community can change lives. Five years ago I was emerging from a relationship where I had been gaslighted into believing I was worthless, was on antidepressants  and felt life was pointless. I had always wanted to do something creative, however, and finally as a way to offset the mind numbing inanity of my dayjob, found the courage to begin filming WAM shoots and founding a small store to sell the clips in, purely to try and recover costs. To my amazement I found I could do this.. people were buying and liking the clips, and moreover in filming WAM, I found a community that encouraged and supported me every step of the way. Even so called rivals would always be happy to share advice and suggestions. Among models and fellow producers I made firm friends. I regained confidence and the anti depressants, and ennui, were discarded and replaced with a love of living and of creating scenes which brought joy and happiness to people. Remarkably in 2018 I was able to move from doing this as a hobby to making my living from these scenes. In 2019 at the premier Messtival awards, I was stunned to win in four separate categories and the trophies have pride of place on my wall. To my amazement my little store had become a big success. It has literally changed my life. I would be thrilled and honoured if you would vote for me.
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