For more than Ten years, SubSpace Leathers have been the name above names in the quality BDSM/Fetish leathers scene. Our unique, Artisan made kink toys have become legendary in UK kink and internationally, and we are a occasionally a fixture at many major trade shows and online, via our popular Etsy store. You will only find our products Exclusively available via our website, Etsy store or in person at our traders stand. We do not drop ship therefore keeping our brand exclusive for the customer. Our AB/DL range has taken the Fetish world by storm since we launched it back in 2015 and we continue to develop it by consulting with the National and International ABDL Communities into 2020 and beyond. All of our wonderful and popular AB and AB/DL products, including Vegan Friendly , Unicorn and Pride items and more are only available exclusively for sale only in our online Store, via our Etsy Shop - Subspaceleathers1, or @Our Traders Stand at @LondonAlternativeMarket
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