Thousand Faces

Thousand Faces is a DIY indy porn project creating quirky, theatrical work exploring kink, aesthetics, performative, and emotion. We have appeared at multiple European alternative porn film festivals, including Berlin, London, Toronto, and Seattle, as well as winning awards in Winnepeg and at Germany's Fetisch Film Festival for our debut film Unbridled, a pony-play porno based on the kinky stage play by Second Self, a precursor to the Thousand Faces project. 'Sunlight', a smorgasbord of Vegan Eco Food-Porn, is the first part of our Taste & Flow series and showcases leafy lust, floral fuckery, and sundappled sploshing smothered in fruit, juices, and smoothies. There’s something about a substance on the tongue, the feel and texture of something consumable in our mouths, that is hot as hell and cool as heaven. Liquid in slow motion is intrinsically sensual and all the more alluring when it evokes our inner workings and gut desires, especially when in alignment with the natural world.
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