Townhouse Dungeons

Townhouse has been established since 2005 and has a loyal following of people from the BDSM/Fetish, LGBT and alternative lifestyle communities amassing to a membership which now stands at over 25000! We have an authentic cellar dungeon with jail cells and a padded cell, along with custom made and Fetters dungeon furniture. The venue stretches over 4 floors featuring a medical fetish room, a fully equipped play dungeon and several other rooms which spanking benches, varies frames, 4 suspension points, CBT stocks and loads more evil devices which would make even the hardest player weak at the knees! We hold BDSM/Fetish events every month attracting people from all over the country and beyond. We are the busiest BDSM venue in our region and probably beyond. Mistresses travel long distance to session privately from our chambers and film crews often use our facilities to shoot music videos. Our dungeons are highly regarded on the scene and we remain the number 1 choice for anyone to come and express themselves through kink.
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