Vicky Devika

I'm a kinky rubberdoll from Canada and I absolutely love everything to do with full enclosure, heavy rubber, gas masks and breathplay! I quickly rose to prominence on Instagram in 2019 with my bold "latex in public" videos, where I'd go out fully dressed in head to toe rubber to mingle with everyday folks. My fans have dubbed me "the queen of breathplay" due to my seemingly superhuman breath holding abilities. I always put these skills to good use in the numerous breathplay clips I have released. Always keen to push myself I love to play with gas masks, rebreather, masks, vaccum bondage devices, etc and this is what my fans love and want to see! I am on a mission to de-stigmatize breathplay. I aim to make these practices safe & sane by spreading sound knowledge based on scientific facts & studies. I am working on a book about breathplay and moderating a breathplay community on Reddit.
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