Westward Bound

OUR GARMENT'S ARE INDIVIDUALLY CUT AND MADE BY HAND. We take great pride in the design and creation of our garments, our commitment is to individuality and quality. Each garment is thoroughly thought through from initial concept to completion by our own design team. Sizes are professionally graded from UK 6, Continental 34, USA 04 through to UK 26, Continental 54, USA 24 by our pattern-cutters working in our design workshop in Plymouth, Devon, England. Working closely with the cutters, we have a team of trained garment-makers who make each individual piece of clothing by hand, we are not a mass production factory. We offer a range of 11 sizes in a choice of 35 main colours and 35 colour trims. This can provide a permutation of 13,475 in certain designs and reflects our deep pride in tradition and craft. For this reason, we tend to make to order. We are unashamedly high-end and offer a unique service to you, our cherished customer and raison d’être.
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