We are always aiming to improve what we do and we listen very carefully to the feedback we receive. We have designed this Q&A to answer some of the questions that some of our followers have posed, or may be wondering. Thank you for all your feedback, it is invaluable to us and highly appreciated.


Why are non UK people allowed to enter the awards?

The awards are hosted in England, but open to applicants globally. We are an inclusive brand and believe that others in the fetish scene have a right to be promoted and should not be penalised for their geographical location.


Why are there not separate categories for TV and Trans?

Those who enter the trans category consider themselves trans. It would be extremely transphobic to discriminate and decide for people that they are ‘TV and not trans. Furthermore, if we had included all the categories we had wanted to, we would have had a hundred categories which would be impractical. We do however appreciate feedback and may be able to introduce new categories next year.


Why are the winners chosen by public vote?

We decided that this would be the fairest way to judge the competition. If you have judges, the final decision is down to the personal preference of 2 or 3 people. To avoid bias we considered that the fairest way to conclude who the winners will be, was to leave it to public vote.The term ‘Best’ is of course subjective.

How would a judge fairly compare a disciplinarian, a humiliatrix and a tease Goddess for example? They are non comparable and personal bias might slip into the equation.

Therefore public voting avoids this from happening.

Additionally, the most ‘popular’ entrants will be those that work hard to promote themselves on social media and interact with their fans and followers.

We think that hard work should be rewarded and we created the awards to raise the profiles of those in the fetish industry.


Why can people nominate themselves?

Whilst established performers and producers may have a big fan base, those who have only been in the industry a short while may not. If they are working hard to establish themselves then they should be included. For some, self nomination may be the only way that they can give their career a jumpstart and get more actively involved. The awards is open to the smaller brands and individuals too, not just those with 50K plus media accounts. We believe in equality and fairness.


What’s the point of entering if I have a smaller following?

Yes, it’s always nice to win, but the UK Fetish Awards have been designed to make everyone a winner ultimately, in that everyone will reap the benefits from being involved.

Every entrant will be promoted heavily, will have the opportunity to network with photographers, producers and the media on the night, and will also have the opportunity to interact with like minded people on twitter, making new lucrative connections.

Many of our entrants have already found that their follower account has increased, and entrants from similar competitions we have run in the past, have found career opportunities that were not open to them before.


Why are the fetish awards selling tickets? Do nominees need one?

Nominees do NOT need a ticket.

It is FREE for everyone who enters the awards.

We are promoting everyone for free.

We have a team of people uploading profiles, tweeting, replying to messages, designing and organising the awards and putting in their time and effort for free.

Of course on the night there will be costs involved for the venue, lighting, riggers, promotional materials, entertainment, branded banners and more besides.

We concluded that it is reasonable to charge non-entrants a nominal ticket fee to cover some of the expenses involved in the awards.


Real Kinksters won’t want to be identified on a public website will they?

The awards is designed for those who work in the fetish industry and have chosen it as a career path. It has not been designed for people who enjoy a little kink behind closed doors, but of course those people are very welcome to attend the event. Furthermore, if they choose to wear masks, hoods, or costumes to conceal their identity then they are very welcome to.

Many of those who work in the industry are real kinksters and enjoy what they do. Taking a paycheck for their work does not mean that they are not real or not into fetish.

It’s an opportunity to showcase many of the people that put in a lot of hard work into building relationships with their slaves, viewers, readers, listeners, followers and fans, and we aim to give a big boost to the excellent work they already do.

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